On behalf of the Independent Financial Review Panel, I welcome you to this website. 

ifrp-bannerThe Panel has now published its Determinations, and accompanying report, on the salaries, expenses and pensions payable to MLAs in the Assembly following the election on 5 May 2016. You can view these documents below:

The Panel has also written two letters to the Speaker of the Assembly, one to draw the attention of the Assembly Commission to the Panel’s considered position with regard to the remuneration of the official Opposition in the Assembly and the second to note the end of the Panel’s term of office, which ends on 1 July 2016.

The Panel was established by the Assembly Members (Independent Financial Review and Standards) Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 to make determinations in relation to the salaries, allowances and pensions payable to members of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The key priorities of the Independent Financial Review Panel are to present solutions which:

  • will support the purpose of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • are appropriate for Northern Ireland
  • represent Value for Money
  • are fair and equitable and do not deter people with the necessary commitment and ability from seeking election to the Northern Ireland Assembly

In line with our commitment to openness and accountability, the Panel will publish details of our meetings and of the decisions leading to our determinations, together with the reasons for such decisions.

In reaching our decisions, we will consult widely and we welcome all comments and suggestions in relation to the matters for which we are responsible.

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Pat McCartan CBE, MSc (Dist), FCIPD
Chair, Independent Financial Review Panel

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